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uni joint replacement

Created by kykck4 9 months ago, 9 Sep 2017
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9 Sep 2017 4:10PM
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Hi guys
Cld anyone help me source a uni joint replacement for an older salem board think its 90s

Thanks in advance.

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11 Sep 2017 7:29AM
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Old gear, very hard to get parts!.
Is there a make/model on the board?, could be Fanatic.
Anyway its is easy to get a uni joint they are cheap but you need the connector , i.e male part that goes into the track, thats the hard bit. If you are super keen you could get a machine shop to turn one up for you then simply attach it to your new uni joint. I think this is what you want in photo below.

Easiest option is buy a modern mast base and retro fit it directly to the existing track, screws, nuts/ bit of fiddling etc, there are plenty of ways to go about it.

correct part


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11 Sep 2017 8:25AM
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Or......time for a new board

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13 Sep 2017 7:31PM
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Something similar here by Chinook ..

Available at Surf sail Australia in WA. check with them if it suits what you are after.

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13 Sep 2017 8:44PM
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No that will not fit at all, smaller diameter are the chinooks.
The chinook is about 13 mm , what he wants is 20mm plus.
its either original part or custom made.OR retrofit.
FOR Tassie guys there are two shops, one in hobart and one in launceston, both carrying heaps of spares and new gear.
Tassie knowledge is just as good as mainland, windsurfing since 1983, unfortunately I can remember all the brands and pieces!


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