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Created by fabulon31 8 months ago, 1 Jul 2018
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1 Jul 2018 10:28AM
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I'm cleaning out my shed at the moment and I've got a box that I made to store my equipment in.
It's about 3m long by 80cm wide by 60cm width.
I made it to go down the side of my house in Richmond so it's long and not too wide.
I stored two boards, five sails, masts and booms in it for about 7 years and they stayed safe and dry.
I built it because my then girlfriend (now wife) moved in and said I had to get the equipment out of the spare room..
It comes in a flat pack so can be easily moved and it can be put back together with some pop rivets and silicone.
It was hard to break into so your equipment should be safe in it (I had two locks on it)
The top comes in a stylish green and comes in two main sections so the longest pats are 1.5m (it's not hard to put it on the top of your car)
contact me if you want it..


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"Free stuff" started by fabulon31