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Tarwin River Marathon

Created by kato > 9 months ago, 13 Jan 2019
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13 Jan 2019 5:31PM
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Sadly first time in awhile that I couldn't race and this time there was wind. So I became the photo guy instead.
The race is run by the South Gippsland Yacht Club and it starts at the club house ,races to a buoy inside the inlet and back. About 22km. This years race had a 10kt E wind at the start, ending with a 25 kt E . Classic race ,hard up wind and return with the wind. Perfect for boats
Well done everyone, it looked hard but fun

Photos from todays race.

Old Salty
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13 Jan 2019 6:00PM
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the 8.2 mtr on the Jet was perfect for the first 20 min until the wind went from 10 kts to 25kts. Accepted a tow in the last 500 mtrs as had no strength left to hold on.
spent most of my time sailing into the wind to have some control
Well done to James, Richie and Lisa who came from Sydney to join in the fun. 12 windsurfers racing 20 boats including some serious cats.
3 of the windsurfers beat the boats back. The windsurfers included, raceboards, short boards, Division 2 raceboard, formula boards and longboards.

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13 Jan 2019 10:53PM
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The Raceboards didn't tack as many time as I had to

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17 Jan 2019 2:14PM
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It was great to meet the Inverloch team on the weekend. It was a lot of fun, plenty to look out for with the channel marks and sandbars. Great to do the event after a 30 or so year gap. Looking forward to the next time dates align and I can do it again. It felt like we did that many tacks even if we didn't do quite that many. An awesome run back to the finish.

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17 Jan 2019 7:23PM
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Same. Way too many tacks and big knocks in the lulls made worse by the outgoing current.
I could have sailed the Formula, but decided to challenge myself and see if I could complete the course on the Slalom board.
Pretty pleased to do so even if I was the last windsurfer who finished the course.


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