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Women on water windsurfing regatta 10/11 November Victoria

Created by 40knots 8 months ago, 21 Sep 2018
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21 Sep 2018 10:30PM
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Westernport Yacht Club is the host of the 2018 Montalto Women on Water Regatta. 10 & 11 November 2018

This event is run at Balnarring Beach in Victoria on the Mornington peninsula. The event obviously is for women, it's run by women and all the coaches are women. It's open to sail boats many classes and windsurfers. Last year was the first year with windsurfers, we had 4 girls who competed. The weekend starts with coaching and in the afternoon they raced each other a great event.
My daughter will windsurf and my wife sail a pacer with her mate.

Any questions send me a message


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"Women on water windsurfing regatta 10/11 November Victoria" started by 40knots