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France video

Created by Sagerhead > 9 months ago, 29 Jan 2018
NSW, 23 posts
29 Jan 2018 7:35PM
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Storm Fionn. Brittany, France

WA, 3277 posts
29 Jan 2018 9:42PM
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Oh WOW! Some serious waves and some nice turns there

WA, 2070 posts
29 Jan 2018 11:04PM
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Nice one but it looks damn cold...still shows the best sport in the world is still the best sport in the world...

WA, 292 posts
30 Jan 2018 6:00PM
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Beautifully clean riding, but I bet you that there would have been some serious wipeouts that we didn't get to see. Negotiating that shorebreak must have been a nightmare.

NSW, 110 posts
1 Feb 2018 9:08PM
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I wonder if riders on these big waves in down the line conditions wore GPS how their top 2Sec speed would rate as some of the drop in shots here looked seriously fast!


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"France video" started by Sagerhead