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George & Doogs @ Gerroa

Created by albers > 9 months ago, 22 Dec 2016
NSW, 1505 posts
22 Dec 2016 12:34PM
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QLD, 504 posts
22 Dec 2016 5:09PM
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Yeuww this is so good

NSW, 762 posts
22 Dec 2016 9:20PM
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Thanks for the video Paul, awesome stuff. Just wanted to clarify that I have caught a wave and not fallen off this year, it was a couple weeks ago.

Flying Dutchman
NSW, 62 posts
23 Dec 2016 2:42PM
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No worries Mick.....see you out there hopefully on another big south swell!

VIC, 579 posts
27 Dec 2016 7:31PM
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What a superb video. Great choice of song. I had to cringe when I saw you get washed up on the rocks

VIC, 14 posts
29 Dec 2016 8:06AM
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Looks fun - can it handle bigger swell ? and launching point ? Good footage

573 posts
31 Dec 2016 8:17AM
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Yes can handle way over mast high. Same as bombie which is just downwind a fraction from George's Reef.
Launching point is easy 1km sail from beach.
Although some prefer to launch the rocks for some reason.
If the wind drops off or you break gear there is really no other option other than to exist via the rocks.

Be warned it's not like this every day.
This season has had the most consistent large swells year ever.
We are down on wind strength and number of sailing days.
However I really like the trade off.
Others don't.


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"George & Doogs @ Gerroa" started by albers