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Good Spots to get into waveriding

Created by christophhubert 7 months ago, 2 Sep 2018
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2 Sep 2018 12:45PM
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Thanks for all the input on my question about keeping control of the board in choppy conditions and smaller waves last year. Helped me a lot and by the end of the season I've been able to manage spots like coronation beach comfortable. Riding in and out, through the break and gybing in the waves plus some smaller jumps.

Been working throughout the winter, so now I'm ready for windsurfing the whole summer without the pain of work or worries about cash.

So now I'd like to get into wave riding, do my first bottom turns, cutbacks.

Any ideas for a good spot to get started with that? I've already been reading a lot and had a look at some spots but as I'm not so experienced I'm not very sure where to start.

Been surfing dutchies a lot, lancelin (bay), coros and watched the locals at Margs.
Can travel anywhere this season, just trying to figure out where to go now. I'd also be more than thankful if anyone would like to join me during my roadtrips.

I'll have a Simmer flywave 2017/92 liter and an older Simmer 100l (it's old and purple, don't know the model though).
I also have a bigger 120l freeride board. Dunno if that might be useful as well...
Hoping for some help



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"Good Spots to get into waveriding" started by christophhubert