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NSW Wavesailing event 1 is ON - 17/18 Sep

Created by jase54 > 9 months ago, 16 Sep 2016
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16 Sep 2016 5:59PM
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NSWWA- Event 1 - Port Kembla

Guys & Girls, we're just over one week away until the start of the NSWWA Windsurf and Snow Wave Series, 2016-17!

We're ON! Port Kembla Event 1 rego at 9am to 11am tomorrow 17th Sep. Meet at Port Kembla Swimming Pool Car Park, LOT 1 Olympic Blvd, Port Kembla NSW 2505, Australia. We are doing a BBQ egg and bacon breakfast rolls until we run out so get in there early! We will probably be heading to Gerroa to compete in the arvo and the event will be wrapped by 4pm on Sunday. We will be doing an evening event. Location will be displayed on the whiteboard.

As an FYI, if you have any pre-loved gear that you would like to donate to youth getting into the waves plus the Homeless and at risk kids of Stepping Stone House, then bring it along and Jason Juretic will ensure it gets to the kids and youth.

May we have a lot of FUN

See you there


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"NSW Wavesailing event 1 is ON - 17/18 Sep" started by jase54