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New spot

Created by whyner > 9 months ago, 6 Mar 2017
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6 Mar 2017 3:17PM
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We tried a new spot today that turned out pretty good fun

SA, 677 posts
6 Mar 2017 2:53PM
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Does look sweet.
And uncrowded....nice

NSW, 10 posts
6 Mar 2017 5:10PM
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Just a couple of crappy phone shots of said location that don't really do it much justice.

You boys killed it!

Certainly wasn't feeling fit enough for the swim if it went wrong so ended up at another spot with Brett after this session which was just too offshore. Kinda regret not having a crack now though. Next time maybe.

NSW, 1424 posts
6 Mar 2017 8:18PM
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I had a look after work at said spot and I thought it would have been on earlier with the lower tide Wasn't keen to venture by myself though as there was no one around. Sailed Peggy's instead, was rubbish

Long Reef
NSW, 555 posts
6 Mar 2017 8:51PM
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Nice one George. Great to see the spirit of adventure is out there. Looks heavy!


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