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Who wants real time wind and weather information from Point Moore, Geraldton on the seabreeze site?

Created by mick steffan > 9 months ago, 10 Mar 2018
mick steffan
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10 Mar 2018 2:07PM
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Hi Guys,

As you know i have been active in the past to progress our sport and one of those things is the weather and wave information of the port that has been publicly available since 2006 or so due to my negotiations with the Port of Geraldton. The seabreeze site uses this information to give you the offshore winds.

Now there is another weather station at the Point that can hook in with the seabreeze site and would only take 20 minutes to add.

So I am trying to put some speed to this process as the weather station has been ready for almost 6 monthsr now i believe.

So who would enjoy to get live weather data on the seabreeze site as soon as possible to help with boating fishing and all other watersports? How more replies how better so please voice your opinion!


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10 Mar 2018 3:48PM
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10 Mar 2018 5:52PM
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doesn't really phase me

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10 Mar 2018 9:34PM
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11 Mar 2018 7:33AM
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11 Mar 2018 10:31AM
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Yes , although this season the readings not that important ,just put the small gear in the car and head to coronation everyday for another 30 knot session

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11 Mar 2018 1:39PM
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12 Mar 2018 7:12AM
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14 Mar 2018 9:10AM
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R1DER said..

You'll travel 4.5 hours to Gero but won't travel 3 to Margs.
No more Christmas cards for you Mr Miyagi.

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14 Mar 2018 12:42PM
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yep go for it Mick, seems the reading from there is currently taken from the airport though (wind wise), it's often still showing offshore from their cam reading when stherly has already hit pt moore.

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14 Mar 2018 5:22PM
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Sounds good Mick

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23 Mar 2018 6:34PM
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Good idea!

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27 Mar 2018 3:51PM
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windy dot com


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"Who wants real time wind and weather information from Point Moore, Geraldton on the seabreeze site?" started by mick steffan