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few photos waves Geradton

Created by king of the point > 9 months ago, 7 Apr 2017
king of the point
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7 Apr 2017 11:17AM
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Last 5 west cost swells over the last month / ive made and effort to put the go pro on the boom boom around geraldton putting a video clip together , but got a few crazy stills as a preview

Been cranking heaps of out going 360s deep and late into the outside pit at corros

Metro rastas Antman and Darci and others are chasing the Autum swell and wind boombing the joint upping the anti

Through the camera on the front of the boom went a 30 foot floater and realized my face and head goes that far forward on these jumps it just about completely knocked me out
Charged out i cranked an outgoing 360 hollo to sea shanti as she cranked a botton below me as I flicked out

Cranking late 360 whilst out going and getting slotted deep and spat out the end has been a bit of a go to move lately

360 complteted shant bolts down the line

Holidsy for winter cheek out Lombok indo the team love to host ya

get this video clip done soon /

have good one

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7 Apr 2017 11:26AM
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Nice rubber cheek in that g force floater.

king of the point
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7 Apr 2017 12:17PM
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100 l 5.5m sunset Gero

105l 5.7m Sunset Gero

Tom swinging the rope ..........classic

Sunset 5.7 m 105 l sup kite windsurf surf holiday

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10 Apr 2017 10:46AM
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Wicked tail slide,body slide in photo 2 ??


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