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Final Trim Bobcats Margaret River Wave Classic 2018

Created by WindsurfingWA > 9 months ago, 22 Feb 2018
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22 Feb 2018 10:04PM
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It's confirmed that the comp will take place on Saturday. If you're planning on entering (or just coming to the party) please please do register in advance as it makes our lives as event organisers so much easier if we can do the draw before the morning of the event. As always we will have a lot of heats to get through so we will aim to kick off as soon as possible. The swell looks like it will be in all day although possibly dropping off a bit later on. The wind is forecast to be typical Margs cross off perfection from early afternoon so expect to see a day of big smacks and aerials.

Outline schedule is below:

10:30-11:00 Late registration (If there is space. Don't leave it this late!)
12:00 Briefing
12:30 First possible start
18:00 Final heat last possible start
18:30 Party starts at Redgate Wines
20:00 That's Surf West Movie Premiere at Redgate Wines
20:30 Prize giving at Redgate Wines
23:00 Closing time

11:00 SW Junior Windsurf Session in Dunsborough

See you all there...

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24 Feb 2018 7:19PM
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U guys get on the water?

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25 Feb 2018 11:49AM
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Yeah, it was a epic day with half to mast high waves and 15-20 knots SE.
The funny thing is that some crew didn't come because they thought it was going to be flat!

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25 Feb 2018 8:19PM
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Pretty good day all said and done. We had a fairly late start for the event at around 2.45 which meant the heats were only 10 minutes long, but we got through all the heats and got a result in every division. The wind was a bit up and down and as usual the early heats were pretty challenging, but the swell was fairly solid half to mast high all day. We also managed the first kids heat for some time at the comp.

Some big thank you's to the following:

Rob Goyen, PJ Yeomans, Owen and Stuart who all judged for most of the day.
Tim, Michelle, Jack and Sophie Brazier for running the flags, heat timings and generally coordinating everything in WWA.
Serge, Kindelle, bar man Jacko, Federico and everyone else who put on a great party.

The guys from Water Patrol Australia were on the jet skis and did a great job rescuing people when the wind dropped off, pulling in Serge when he trashed his rig and doing a nifty kit swap for Kai and Ant. They also snapped a few pics from the skis, below.

And thanks to all the sponsors:

Final Trim Bobcats
Gallows Electrical
Severne Sails and Revolution Boardsports
Redgate Wines
Eagle Bay Brewery
Margaret River Standup Paddle

1 Jake
2 Camilo

Weekend Warrior
1 Ashley Marchant
2 Paul Jackman
3 Tim Brazier
4 Darren Clarke

1 Karin Jaggi
2 Jonah Desforges
3 G. Eggs
4 Serge Pillonel

1 Jane Seman
2 Karin Jaggi
3 Maeli Cherel
4 Rebecca Cutter

1 Rick Vandertoorn
2 Bastien Escofet
3 Federico Infantino
4 Ash Nicol

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25 Feb 2018 10:53PM
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I have placed a Gallery of 99 photos onto my website from Saturdays event. Unfortunately, I developed an awesome headache midday & was simply not able to carry on doing the photos, so quit after 1hr of the event starting. Hopefully next year will be better for me :-) A big thank you to the organizers for allowing me to do these photos & look forward to next year. Cheers, Gordon. Link


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