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Kite Neo Stolen 9m Neo green 2017 (44700-3004)

Created by robbert115 > 9 months ago, 9 Jan 2017
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9 Jan 2017 12:21PM
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Hi Guys,

just beware this my new kite has been stolen in the Freo area on December 24. Serial numbers for bar (44700-3004) and kite (44700-3201) are here. It is a green new Neo 2017 model. So if you see it or get in contact with a potential (dodgy) seller pls let me know at 0415 185 553 or

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9 Jan 2017 3:24PM
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Keep an eye on Gumtree. My mate had his $8000 bike stolen and it was then advertised on Gumtree 2 hours later for $1k. These guys aren't smart! He got his bike back.

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9 Jan 2017 8:11PM
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I hope it was retrieved via some baseball bat therapy
lowlife bike thieves really piss me off.


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"Kite Neo Stolen 9m Neo green 2017 (44700-3004)" started by robbert115