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Screamin' Leeman Returns - The Roy Bell Memorial Classic - 25/26 November

Created by DanKA18 > 9 months ago, 19 Apr 2017
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19 Apr 2017 9:59AM
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Screamin' Leeman is Back! The "Screamin' Leeman - Roy Bell Memorial Classic" is scheduled for 25-26 November 2017. This event is a tribute to the late Roy Bell from Leeman who was a driving force in the Leeman community, a great character and a man who took on ideas and made things happen. He created one of the best downwind marathon races on the WA Circuit, but sadly he passed away in March 2010. The race was legendary, often held in 28-30 knot winds and often taking a large toll on sailors and equipment. The start of the race used a real shotgun and Roy's pre-start instructions said that if you went over early they would shoot a hole in your sail! That never happened of course, but no-one ever went over early! Roy's slogan, 'Say no to five oh' was particularly relevant, meaning use a smaller sail, at a time when 5.0 was a common sail size. The race originally was about 30 km from South Bay at Green Head to Leeman but was later shortened to start at Little Anchorage and finish at Leeman. This memorial race will use the shortened course but will still be about 25km long. With a good turn-out of sailors we are looking to run the race again as an annual event with slalom on the Sunday, so make sure you get on board as we will be working hard to make it great fun and value for you. Keep watch for more details - Coming soon....
Spread the word.....

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19 Apr 2017 3:03PM
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leave form already in.....
nice to honour roy as he was a huge driving force behind the
screamin leeman.
despite not being a winsurfer himself roy would rally the leeman community
to put on this event every year.
I think most were too scared to say no to him as he was a big bugger.
the after party used to be pretty epic too.

Mark _australia
WA, 17565 posts
20 Apr 2017 1:49PM
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This will be epic. Could be a seriously fast event :)
Need to find a smaller board!

With this event and some GWC stuff added its going to be a great summer of racing

WA, 246 posts
21 Apr 2017 7:22AM
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Awesome news!!!

It sure will be an epic summer of racing and the Cervantes Windsurf Challenge will be back again the weekend before the LOC

NSW, 946 posts
21 Apr 2017 8:55PM
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1998 or 1999 was the year when finian maynard did that epic race.l think he won if l recall.sounds like W.A.this summer will have 2 epic marathons plus cervanties.bring it on .

WA, 227 posts
23 Apr 2017 4:22PM
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Excellent news Really looking forward to next seasons races

WA, 467 posts
30 Apr 2017 7:27PM
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reserved in the calendar!


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"Screamin' Leeman Returns - The Roy Bell Memorial Classic - 25/26 November" started by DanKA18