BillfishJuice, a revolutionary trolling attractant system

Every now and then technology brings a revolution to the fishing world.  BillfishJuice may just be one example of this in the world of trolling lures.  The BillfishJuice system is based around a scientifically formulated synthetic fish attractant designed to mimic the natural "prey rinse" emitted by baitfish. The attractant comes as highly concentrated tablets that dissolve into the water at a controlled rate, forming an odour corridor behind the lure at concentrations which can be detected by all types of pelagic fish (marlin, sailfish, tunas, mahi mahi, wahoo, kingfish, cobia ,mackerels).
The concentration of the attractant compounds in BillfishJuice tablets far exceeds those naturally occurring in normal prey items like fish and squid. This has allowed BillfishJuice to successfully engineer effective odour corridor technology for a trolling lure application - a worlds first !
BillfishJuice tablets are currently available in 30 minute and 1 hour dissolution rates measured at 6 knots and 24?C ( 75?F) water temperature).   For convenience you can order BillfishJuice tablets (bottles of 25),  Moldcraft BilfishJuice series lures and tablet holders online at