Christmas Gift Ideas for Anglers/Fisherman

Santa goes fishing too!
What's the hottest item on every anglers wish list this year? You can bet your life it isn't a pair of socks!

Chances are you know someone who'd love some fishing related gifts this Christmas, but its always so hard to know what to buy!

Here's a list of Xmas gift ideas and tips for that fisherman (or woman) on your list.

The Basics: Hooks. Lines. Sinkers. Don't forget that the most common items to lose, forget, get snagged or bitten off are the basics. Besides, no fisho has ever uttered the words 'I've got too many hooks!' As well as being really handy, this stuff is cheap! As for selection, have a chat with the shop staff. They'll know what to get for local conditions.

Lures. Experimenting with lures is fun, but sometimes there's too much choice on the rack for a time-poor angler. Pick one that you think might work, or pick three! You might be selecting your favourite anglers new 'sure bet' lure. Remember though, consider what type of fishing the recipient of said lure likes to do. There's no point in buying a trolling lure if they don't own a boat!

Clothing. Hats get blown off, shirts get covered in fish guts, sunnies go swimming. Anglers always need new bits of fishing specific clothing. Drop by your local tackle store and they're sure to have some goodies in stock.

Knives. Want to spend a bit more? You could spend a few weeks pay on a fishing knife if you wanted to; but whether it's the latest and greatest, or a tried and tested classic. Every angler loves a new knife.

Esky/Tackle Box. Not as a gift, what about the wrapping! Disguise a clever little fishing related hamper of the above mentioned gifts, inside a cool new esky or tackle box! Either for their beers, or their fish, Eskys should be replaced regularly.

Still stuck for ideas? Head on down to your local fishing and tackle shop. The staff there are full of awesome ideas for fishing related Christmas presents!