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GST on low value imported goods

Created by FormulaNova 9 months ago, 6 Jun 2018
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13 Jul 2018 6:23PM
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bazz61 said..
if you you use a hidden IP address would you still be charged GST or is it identified by where the postage is ..?

You can never hide an IP address, its either going to show up as your real one in Aus, or one somewhere else.

Either way, if your delivery address in in Aus, I suspect that it will decide to charge GST, as you have suggested.

I haven't bought anything from , and pretty much use the .au site, so I don't know if it pushes you from one to the other. I suspect it is smart enough to do that, as its relatively trivial to do. Using Paypal, or your delivery address, it should be easy to identify an Aussie customer.

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13 Aug 2018 9:48PM
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JIC U had not found this site.... Who ever pushed for the GST envelop to drop might not have factored this player in......
Chinese company very amazon like minus the books... decides to setup a local warehouse to allow for the GST
Huge range some amazing product and a real up yours to the excessive Australia so lets mark-it up attitude (at least for the time being!)
I was looking for LED spot lights outdoor weather proof. Nice!!


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