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Foil Board Nose Protection

Created by BSN101 6 months ago, 30 Apr 2019
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Saturday , 9 Nov 2019 10:22AM
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According to the board lady you need padding and protection
I have siliconed approximately 30 mm sections of half a pool noodle with plenty of gaps between to allow inspection for damage and siliconed a carbon nose protector on top. I also use a surfbent. I have had great success with this combination.
i did have to add an edge strip to the carbon after the edge did an Apple peeler to my ankle. All looks neat. Easy to check for damage. Would be easy to remove the protector if repair was required. I would recommend this combo and would do it again. Weight is not bad.

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Monday , 10 Nov 2019 11:36PM
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Here's a Surf Bent nose protector on the water.


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