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Pittwater Longboards

Created by saltyheaven > 9 months ago, 20 Oct 2015
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6 Oct 2018 7:16AM
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saltyheaven said..
Well that's at least three of us, and maybe more with Steve's 'several other one design sailors'.

I'm likewise happy to run with any consensus that rises. Although I'm as good for a marathon as the next guy, as far as racing is concerned I'm far more interested in triangles, tactics, clean mark roundings, several shorter races. I'll turn up and race in anything, 0 - 30 knots. Couldn't be much more opposite! Whatever, as long as we get something underway we're all winners I reckon.

So - no support boat, each on their own responsibility, no fees, no membership, all welcome. Probably a gate start, one sailor the gate and starter. Take your own finish time. Details of anything beyond that can grow if this thing rises above an idea. I fear that if there is no set day that there is a greater than decent chance of everyone always having 'something else to do' and the whole thing never getting off the ground. Perhaps a regular fortnightly Sunday with the option to call an extra whenever the conditions look good. Of course anyone need not come on any given day for whatever reason.

Although still a way off, the forecast for this Sunday doesn't look terrible. Who's free? I suggest we meet at Taylors point on the grass at 2pm, do a quick meet and greet, make a race plan for the day communally and get straight into it.

Better still for the adventurist racer, actually difficult breeze quality, heading and water profundity, prompting another level of race specialty (and survival).

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17 Dec 2018 9:06AM
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Had a beaut sailboard to Lion Is, previous Sunday 9 December. Phantom 377 with Severne 9.5m2. NE to ENE wind direction.

Approx times: 40 min to clear of the heads; 50 min to east of Lion Island; 60 min to west & clearing the lee of the Lion;
85 min returned to approx start line.
The run-out tide from the Hawksbury against the fresh ENE wind made for some awkward big slow moving lumps. Some near 2/3rds mast height but fortunately not quite rolling or breaking. Had to manouver carefully through them to avoid being side-on to the larger swells; and had me pondering whether I should turn back - but not keen at all to gybe out there amongst them.
Was rewarded with a long, fully powered-up, reach to broad reach, from half way back to the heads, to past Careel Bay.
Only spoilt by falling north of the Lion when I attempted to release the downhaul midway through my one & only gybe.

Stokes Pt

Scotland Is

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20 Dec 2018 4:03PM
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