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Shark!! at Manly

Created by swoosh > 9 months ago, 23 Jan 2017
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22 Feb 2017 10:20AM
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Just do a Donald and pretend this is Fake News

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22 Feb 2017 2:54PM
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sausage said..
Just do a Donald and pretend this is Fake News

What's that Sausage, "Flake news" ?...

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24 Feb 2017 6:50AM
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After having been spiked by a stingray in the foot I will be watching them more closely than worrying about bull sharks. Spoke to Tony who also got spiked from one down the Gold Coast a while ago and also had very painfull experience.
Also a few months ago another person stood on a stone fish near steps at Manly rock wall.

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24 Feb 2017 8:46AM
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The use of HOT water certainly works. Many years ago got spiked in the foot by a sting ray in Darwin. Soaked in ice water but pain got worse. Rang the hospital who advised hot water was the correct treatment. Instant relief.

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8 Mar 2017 9:55AM
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Sailing thompsons beach Vict Point Tuesday around 5pm. Up the southern end. Bull shark jumped out of the water about 20 metre's in front of me.
Bit over a metre long. I then proceeded to gybe in overpowered conditions and wiped out right where the shark had been.
Got going again pretty quick.

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8 Mar 2017 10:03AM
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Yep now you know why we call it Bull Shark Creek!!

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8 Mar 2017 9:57PM
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Jeez this windsurfing is dangerous!

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17 Mar 2017 4:13PM
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I wish I had never read this...


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