How To Paddle your Stand Up Paddle Board

Paddling your stand up board can sometimes seem a simple feat of sticking the paddle in the water & pulling it backwards.   Most people jump on the board and paddle straight away - it's not hard.

But, once you get more into the sport, it's time to learn some proper techniques on paddling. 

If you're in the waves, proper technique will get your on more waves, more often, and for downwinders/distance paddling, your cover more distance in less time, and arrive less fatigued.

The best part is proper technique (and proper blade length) can help you avoid injury. 

Todd Bradley of C4 explains key points of paddling, including:

    * Using your paddle as a fulcrum
    * Using your core for maximum power
    * How to set the correct paddle length
    * How to ride swells on downwinders
    * When to choose long stokes & short strokes
    * How less paddling can equal more speed
    * How to keep your body quiet for better glide

Thanks Todd!