Fishing Gear: Now Targeted by Theives

This week a quick search of the local newpapers reveals a string of fishing related thefts, from cars, utes, back sheds and even from the beach!

Most anglers wouldn't think twice about parking outside their local Maccas on the way home from a great day on the water, but that's exactly where thieves have been targeting lately! Waiting for the owners to head inside and grab their post-fishing snack, they're stealing rods off cars, and tackle boxes from boats. Think about how much your rod and reel combos are worth - because thieves certainly are!

Quick to grab, and easy to sell - fishing gear has always been an easy target for thieves in Australia. Gumtree and Ebay are full of really cheap second hand fishing gear, so if it looks too good to be true - perhaps you're looking at a fellow anglers prized equipment that's been knocked off their boat or car!