How to Bait a Prawn (Put it on your hook)

The most popular form of fishing bait, the humble green prawn, is also the most common type of bait to go floating off downstream because you didn't thread it onto your hook properly.

Nobody wants to give a fish a free lunch, so follow these three important tips to ensure you don't lose your bait, and that a fish actually grabs your hook!

1: The head can stay on, or come off. It doesn't really matter. Seeing it's not you eating it, whether you leave the prawn head on or off doesn't matter. Leaving it on looks more lifelike to a fish. Pulling it off lets more of the juices flow out (which might attract more fish).

2: Start threading the hook end from the TAIL first. You want the sharp bit to be protruding from under the prawns belly (like in the pic above). So many anglers thread it from the head first, which makes the prawn look strange (bent backwards) and believe it or not, the fish can tell!

3: Make sure the 'shank' is covered. Get your fingers dirty and make sure that prawn is well and truly hooked. Keep threading it on the hook until the shank (the straight part of the hook) is covered, even up and over the knot you've tied. Doing so hides the hook from the fish, and puts the hook further towards the head where it's most likely to be bitten.