Sydney LOVES Fishing! Help stop lockouts

Sydney LOVES Fishing - Don't let your local slip away...
With 59 popular fishing locations between Newcastle and Wollongong under threat of a lockout, the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW is calling out the Government. They say that these fisheries are in great condition, and recreational fishing should continue well into the future.

"The main argument used against anglers is that recreational fishing is not sustainable in these locations due to over-fishing. We don't accept that, and our observation as anglers is that the fishery available around Sydney is in good condition, and that recreational anglers do not have a major or unmanageable impact." Explains their website. "We believe that there are ways to better manage and conserve the marine environment and that the NSW Government should address those challenges before it starts locking out the tens of thousands of recreational fishers in the Sydney region."

To spread the word about the potential threat, they're commissioning a professionally shot and edited video to share through social media networks. To do it, they need a few grand, and they're asking the Recreational Anglers of NSW to chip in a few bucks to make it happen.

Got some spare $$$$? Throw them to the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW here.

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