The Sneaky Rod Tap - A Practical Joke for Anglers

Long days on the water often lead to a good (or bad) joke or two, but when you've got a mate who is frothing over a bite he just missed - that's the perfect opportunity for the good ol' rod tap.

The larrikins from Morning Tide fishing have got the 'rod tap' down to a fine art. Based in Sydney, they've got a mate visiting at the moment from Japan. Ryota is checking out what the rocks have to offer, when he looses a few hookups and bites. You can see where this is going... It's rod tapping time!

If you've never seen or heard of a rod tap before, it's both hilarious and cruel when done correctly. What you do, is sneak up behind your mate who's got a line in the water. Tap the end of their rod (the part that sticks out behind them, under their arm) and watch them jump a mile! It feels exactly like a fish is biting, and with a little setup from a mate like the guys do in this video, they'll fall for it every time.