Pro Kiteboarders are living in 'The Bubble'.

Living inside the bubble is great. While it lasts.

Rewind to your last kiteboarding holiday. Remember the feeling of living, eating, breathing kiteboarding? All you think about is the wind, your next session, your gear. That’s what it’s like for professional kiteboarders.

All the time.

Until they're too old, and the bubble pops.

Heard from Aaron Hadlow, Colleen Carroll, Noe Font, Craign Cunningham and their mates lately? They’ve been off the radar, filming a new project called ‘The Bubble’.

Backed by their sponsors North Kiteboarding, ‘The Bubble’ is a story with no hidden agenda, just a story about a few kiteboarders and what they’ve been up to, how they feel and the memories they’ve been sharing with one-another.

“We're all so detached from normal life. We travel the world doing what we love, getting paid to do it. That's kind of all I know, that's all I've been doing since I left school.”— Aaron Hadlow.

“More than anything this is just a metaphor for the funny little world we live in. We all know it doesn't last forever so we're just enjoying it while we can.” — Craig Cunningham

“This to me is kind of welcoming everybody else into our Bubble. Show them why we do this, why we are so passionate about it and give them a bit more than just 60 seconds.” — Colleen Carroll

There’s no trailer below. There isn’t one. Just a promise from the makers and the riders that ‘The Bubble’ will be something pretty cool to watch. In the meantime, follow along with their Instagram


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