Commuting and Foraging via SUP

Will Eaglesfield is an executive Chef in Queenstown. He used to be a windsurf and ski bum, like many of us still are, but found his playground in Queenstown and has been there now for 12 years. He cooks for a group of restaurants Eichardt's Bar , The Grille by Eichardt's , and No5 Church Lane . They are located right along the lakefront of Queenstown overlooking the beautiful Lake Wakatipu. Will is fortunate enough to live a few kilometres up the Lake in Sunshine Bay, meaning his morning commute can be via water.

"When I have the time I love using my board to commute to work. I can paddle right up to the beach in front of The Grille (with the fishing rods rigged up until I hit the no-fishing zone) then hop off, pick up the board, and walk through the front door and into the kitchen. I'm pretty sure everyone who's already been at work for a few hours hates me a little bit when I do that."

Will has ingeniously designed a contraption that allows two rods to be trailing the board whilst he paddles (or has an evening beer). He said he even catches more fish on a SUP than he ever has on the water edge, just a top tip for all you fishermen.

"I'd seen some cheap SUP boards for sale which I thought would be a fun toy for my regular family trips to the Catlins. However, after a bit of research I decided it would be worth splashing out on a good one, and the Red Paddle Co Ride 10'6" came out the winner. Originally I was just going to use it for occasional flat water paddles and light surf, but then 1) it turned out to be super fun and tranquil at the same time and 2) it came with a mount which could take a rod holder. I discovered paddling pace is the perfect speed for trolling (towing a lure or sinking line behind you) and now I'm out on it any chance I get - I'm no morning person but I'm getting up at 6am to get out when the water is mirror-calm and the fish are biting. It's addictive!"

The surrounding landscape in Queenstown makes Will's regular SUP locations, spots that some of us can only dream of. "Moke Lake is hard to beat - I love the local high country and it looks even better reflected in a pristine lake!" He does like to take his board with him on holidays too. He's off to Malborough Sounds, Waikawa, in a few weeks "and of course the SUP is coming with us." He claimed this is another reason why he chose an inflatable SUP from Red Paddle Co ; you can simply deflate it and take it with you anywhere .

"If I could take any person on a paddle with me I would take the Tandem with Eddie Izzard. The man is a comedy genius, and I know he'd be dressed fabulously too. But, if I could take the XL board it would have to be the 4 members of Queen so we could have a decent sing-along. The chefs Thomas Keller and David Kinch so I can pick their brains. My daughter, so she can hear Queen live. Then my myself of course, I don't want to miss out."

Commuting to work can be a real hassle, so maybe this could be a way to tackle that Monday morning dread? Red Paddle Co bags have a wheeling system or a backpack system. So once the SUP is deflated you can wheel it the rest of the way to work and then store them under your desk! You could even try and take it a step further and try to catch dinner on the way home too!