Fancy trying SUP fitness?

Trying to shed a bit of the holiday weight? Or fancy a new
challenge for 2018? Or just want a different way of using your SUP? Then you
should try SUP Fitness!

SUP fitness is a trend growing across the world. Like SUP
Yoga, the movements may not seem hugely advanced but when on a SUP the
challenge lies in your core strength and balance. It’s a great way to
incorporate some circuits into your fitness regime whilst also getting out on
the water.

Side plank on Red Paddle Co board
 Red Paddle Co Australia and Fit State of Mind on the
Northern beaches have partnered up to start bringing SUP fitness to Sydney. Rob
Pisto, the owner, divides the class up into weights and SUP. Whilst one partner
is lifting 15kg weights or sprinting a long Narrabeen beach the other is doing
burpees or plank on a Red Paddle Co inflatable board. The sessions have been a
huge success and the best thing about it is you can just roll into the water
after the final circuit; “the ab finisher”.

 SUP Fitness with Red Paddle Co
Both Red Paddle Co and Fit State of Mind are hoping to bring
more of these classes into people’s fitness and SUP regime as it’s not only an
effective way to exercise but also it’s fun! The Red Paddle Co boards work well
due to them being iSUPs. There is no worry of the board causing injury and
there is always that soft deck for when your arms collapse beneath you at press
up 53.

The stiffness of these iSUPS are put to the test (especially
with Rob putting burpees on the SUPs into the circuit) but it’s nothing the Red
Paddle Co boards can’t handle. With their MSL technology and also the RSS
these inflatables are the way to go for SUP Fitness; they’re incredibly
stiff whilst also holding a flatter deck profile. This makes all your exercises
easier, even paddling!

 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP

If you fancy having a go on your own then how about a little
circuit to get those muscles pumping after the holidays!

Squats on inflatable stand up paddle board 












Repeat the circuit 4 times

10 X Squats

10 X Press Ups

10 X Bicycle Crunches

10 X Burpees

10 X V – Ups With Paddle

30 second hold – Side Plank (repeat on each side)

10 X Superman plank


Superman plank on Red Paddle Co board 



 These were all done on a Red Paddle Co 10’6” inflatable board

– width 32”…to really test those muscles and balance though…go thinner!






To find out more head to

Instagram - @redpaddlecoau and @FITSOM

Facebook - Redpaddlecoau and Fit State of Mind

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Red Paddle Co boards with Fit State of Mind Team

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