Good Vibes already flowing for Merimbula Classic Poster

The Merimbula Classic is a SUP/Kite/Windsurf event like no other, there’s no heats, no judging tent and there is certainly no coloured rashies. It’s a long weekend of paddling, hanging out and drinking beer (oh, and visiting the BBQ). But there’s one part of the Merimbula Classic that’s the same, each and every year.

It’s the poster. And the T-Shirt. And this years one has just been released.

Once again drawn by the artist Stan Squire, the theme this year is ‘Good Vibrations’ and the poster is a cracker outlook into the Merimbula bay, with lines, and lines disappearing off into the horizon. There’s people getting carried out the back by umbellas, surfing with umbrellas, and soon, we’re sure we’ll see people SUPping with them too. It’s a little weird, a little whacky, but as always – super cool.

If this is your first time seeing a poster from the Merimbula Classic, then perhaps a little history might be required. It started back in 1982, when the poster was updated from a pencil drawing on a piece of paper, to a colour masterpiece featuring a bunch of guys sailing on a thong. Things went down/uphill from there, each year causing controversy, conversation and always a laugh until 2010, when many thought that the classic was over. You see, Mambo, a principal sponsor since the event began, pulled their support! They were behind the posters and the tee shirts and all the good things that meant people referred to the event as ‘Mambo’ instead of the Merimbula Classic. Still today, you’ll hear people calling it that.

Thankfully, 2010 was the year where SUP was REALLY kicking off! Corona jumped on board, and who better to sponsor an event like Mambo, than a beer company. A year off the poster, saw entrants handed a bland t-shirt, but in 2011, Stan Squire hit back with an absolute cracker. It’s Merimbula at its finest, and ever since he’s been creating a masterpiece for the event.

Read more about the rich history of the Merimbula Classic on their website here, and browse through every event poster since 1981!

This years event will be held on the 23rd to the 26th November at the Merimbula Sailboard club. Check out the link above to enter!