Hottest International SUP Races of 2018

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Been working too hard over the last few days? Already missing the roaring sounds of the ocean? Gather up your positive energy and start packing for some of the hottest SUP races of 2018.

All set to experience the beautiful winds, salt-sprayed water on your legs, and breathtaking views of the pearly ocean? Here's our list of four best world-renowned SUP races that you should check out this year:

1. Molokai 2 OAHU, Hawaiian Islands

The Molokai 2 Oahu, also known as the M20, features a race among SUP champions from more than 30 different countries. The race covers 32 miles across the spectacular Kaiwi channel.

2. Red Bull Heavy Water, United States

The Red Bull Heavy Water will be taking place in San Francisco and will cover a course of 7.5 miles.

3. Sup11 City Tour, Netherlands

Enjoy an adrenaline-packed journey through 11 cities on the Sup11 City Tour that lasts 5 days and covers a race course of 136 miles.

4. Pacific Paddle Games, United States

The Pacific Paddle Games is an iconic celebration of everything that we love about paddling boarding. The event covers several different races that are designed to test the skills of SUP professionals and amateurs.