Responsive. Intuitive. Inspires - Naish Releases 2018 SUP

New Colours for Naish this year - as well as the orange they're going green!
Think it’s all about the foil in 2018? Not for Naish, who aside from being market leaders in foiling technology on SUPS, have just backed it up with the rest of their line for surfing, racing and all round paddling.

Naish have gone in hot with the colour schemes this year too – staying with their characteristic yellow of course, but adding some very bright noses to their race boards even more colourful deckpads to their all rounders. Even the inflatables got a splash of green to compliment Naish’s yellow and white.

There’s new shapes too, and of course Naish is most excited about the much talked about Thrust/Hover foiling combination. Now available for all to see, the Thrust Surf foil is adaptable between SUP, Kite and Windsurfing, and for SUP – there’s two board options, the Hover 95, and Hover 120. Both numbers refer to the boards volume, so if you weight less than 85kg you’ll be looking at the 95, and more – the 2018 Naish Hover 120 has your name on it. Be quick though, word from Naish dealers around Australia is that these board and foil combos are already selling out!

To see all the new board colour combos and shapes, check out the slick looking 2018 website for Naish right here. Then, drop by your local dealer for a demo – there’s plenty of stock already in the country so grab one for a session!

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