Get intimate with Filipe Toledo.

Behind the man who wins the heats, raises the trophies and busts out the most incredible aerials we've seen in surfing, Filipe Toledo is family man, soul surfer and boasts a competitive spirit like no other.

You don't get to really know a surfer until you spend a few days with them. Until you see life at home, away from the beach, the sponsors and the waves. This video with Filipe takes you there, for an intimate glimpse into the life of one of surfings most progressive surfers.

He started the whole 'Brazilian Storm' thing with Gabriel Medina, and now he continues to dominate events all over the world with his silky smooth lines and massive aerials on even the most lackluster of waves. Just take a look at his surfing performance in the video below to see what we're on about. But behind the scenes, he's a dad, and lives with his family in California. He says he loves it there, living close to the beach 'Lowers', like his own personal skate park for practicing, escaping and testing new boards.

To highlight all of those things, he filmed a movie called Flowness. Check it out!