Hamilton Proves that Kellys Wave Pool - is THE Wave Pool.

While the hype about Kellys Wave pool has died down in recent months, there's been a steady stream of surfings elite heading over to the States for a sneaky ride or two. They're testing it, and doing a little training, but mostly they're having a ball. Enjoying the fact that finally, a wave pool isn't just a novelty wave.

None more so than Beth Hamilton, who's been out there working on her back-hand barrel riding at the right hander; "It's like a dream because I've been wanting to work on my backside barrel riding, and today I got more backside barrels in one session than I've got; ever I think!" Told a stoked Beth, "Being able to come here and surf this amazing man wave, it makes my just giggle and giddy!"

As for the left hander, that was a ticket reserved for Gerry Lopez. Being such a prolific goofy footer, Kelly wanted Lopez to ride it first, and as you can imagine - Gerry was totally stoked with the experience. It's now been opened up to the rest of the lucky surfers who get access to the pool, as well as the redesigned right hand.

The redesign, is all in preparation for the WSL's upcoming event in September - where a handful of the super elite will get invited to surf a wave like no other. With the bottom shape changing the wave on offer, each surfer will get a crack at a long wall after the takeoff, where there's just enough room to squeeze three turns in, then, the first barrel throws its lip for a few seconds. That's just enough time for a surfer to get a little shade (and occasionally, get spat out!), before the wave becomes ripe for a big aerial or few more turns. That's not all though, back into the barrel for a leg wobbling final section which runs right to the beach.

It's a big wave (as you can see from the description above!), and the event is going to be one of the biggest in surfing history. Stay tuned for the event to open (15-17th September) and watch Beth Hamilton working on her back handers right here!