New Years at Nazare - Was EPIC!

At midnight in Nazare, there was not a single surfer with a drink in their hands.

They were all in bed. Perhaps not sleeping due to their nerves, but they were in bed at least - ready for the insane swell that was heading for the coast. As the sun rose, surfers were already in the carpark launching jetskis, and one of them, had a camera with them.

It's the unique view from the water that sets this video apart from any other big day at the worlds big wave surfing capital. You can see it's choppy, you can see the rocks, you can see just how enormous those waves are. It's windy. It's cold. It's epic.

Watch Ross Clarke-Jones, Sebastian Steudtner, Jarryd Foster, Lucas Chumbo, Axi Muniain, Jerome Sahyoun and Mick Corbett tick off some of their News Years Resolutions on day 1 of 2018, right here.