Queen of the Bay - Huge Red Bull Event is on NOW!

These chicks are all 100% certified big wave surfers, and they're ready to charge Waimea Bay.
The event window is now open for the Red Bull Queen of the Bay, a one month waiting period to find the biggest swell, the best conditions and the most excited crowds for the very first womens only surfing competition held in Waimea Bay. It takes guts to surf here, and surfing skill beyond what many would have thought possible back in the 80's. Betty (Banzai) Depolito was there, so she'd know just how hard it was for women to become accepted on the North Shore. That's why she decided to run an event like this

"Waimea Bay itself is such a special place for big wave surfers. You can smell the salt in the air, you can hear the waves crashing, you can feel it. It's incredible."

"From the very beginning it started because I used to ride Waimea bay, and at the time there weren't a lot of girls out there and ever since then it was in my brain that there needs to be more girls, and we need a competitive event for the girls."

There's a little over three weeks left in the window, so stay tuned to watch some of the best big wave surfing compeitions ever held. Follow the action on the Red Bull website, or check back here for updates.