Surftech Partners with Sharp Eye Surfboards & Filipe Toledo!

You might not have heard of Sharp Eye Surfboards, but you've certainly heard of Filipe Toledo, who's their main man, and the one behind their legendary 'Modern 2' shape. You've also heard of Surftech, makers of surfboards and lovers of technology since 1989.

Now, the two are working together to improve their shortboard lineup, with three new models announced for 2018, shaped by the legendary Marcio Zouvi - owner and shaper for the San Diego based Sharp Eye Surfboards.

"I am very excited to be involved with a company as well rooted and established as Surftech;" says Marcio Zouvi, Owner of Sharp Eye Surfboards. "The technology they bring along with their understanding of manufacturing and distribution will allow my team and I to focus more time to designing the wildest and most progressive boards we can dream of. Surftech is going to be a great partner in this effort because they totally understand what it is I am striving to do."

On the other end of the deal, Surftech are looking forward to adding their logo to these new shapes, "To be involved with Marcio as a shaper and Filipe as an athlete is truly an honor." Shared a very excited CEO of Surftech, John Vance. "Filipe's involvement with the new Modern 2 has delivered an extremely versatile shape that will take any surfer to the next level!"

Look out for the three new shapes, the Modern 2, the Disco and the Disco Cheater at your local Surftech dealer - or ask about a demo next time you're in.