Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton

Laird and his wife Gabby - in what most consider his 'golden years'.
"You're looking at mother nature build these mountains of water that are crashing down with intensity nobody has ever seen!" Narrates Dave Kalama, long time friend and fellow big wave surfer. "We heard it was undoable, it was just asking to die!"

Enter Laird Hamilton, "I've been waiting a lifetime to ride this thing out here!"

They thought he was crazy, but nobody will deny that a little bit of crazy goes a long way when you're a big wave surfer. Evidently, for Laird Hamilton, it went a LONG way. The guy is a modern day legend, hero to surfers all over the world, and from humble beginnings as a little grom on Hawaii, he's grown to champion for health, wealth and conservation.

Along the way he's surfed thousands of waves, inspired millions, and avoided controversy ( well, he did do a nude photoshoot once ); choosing to do things that attracted the spotlight and media attention for the good. He's won a stack of prize money, married a model, started his own brands and supported countless others projects.

Sounds like a movie plot right? Well award winning director Rory Kennedy, and Moxie Firecracker Films thought so, and they've just released a trailer for 'Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton'. Nominated to be featured at the high profile Sundance film festival, later this year, and already receiving rave reviews from those who have been lucky enough to watch it, this looks like an exceptionally detailed movie with a list of cameos a mile long.

Check out the trailer below, and look at for screening times at selected coastal cinemas near you!