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Shark Rally at Parlament House Perth 11am Wed 8th May

Created by Luma > 9 months ago, 3 May 2018
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27 May 2018 7:46AM
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ThinkaBowtit said..
Maybe if your job was to count something (such as white sharks) you might make excuses as to why you would need to count some more over the next decade to make sure you stayed on the payroll. Someone with no logic would see your logic. Someone with common sense would say, hang on buddy, they've been breeding up protected for two decades. We KNOW they're increasing in numbers...

Yep spot on. They are as conflicted as fark but that's the system we have to work with. These guys are paid to research sharks so they will always call for more research but eventually even though it will be like pulling teeth from these "experts" we will have enough over time to scientifically prove what we already know - GW numbers are increasing.

Till then the hugger will always hide behind the endangered species crap and use it to try and knobble any kind of action.

It's a farked system but what else ya gonna do?

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29 May 2018 12:31PM
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Not much you can do other than hope the next person isn't someone you know.

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29 May 2018 6:56PM
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Take the hardline approach and get results.

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6 Jun 2018 11:04AM
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An interesting read and new method of doing some more research.


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"Shark Rally at Parlament House Perth 11am Wed 8th May" started by Luma