This racer/cruiser might revolutionize interior layouts!

Not your average interior...
As modern yachts get sleeker, lighter and faster thanks to composite construction; the complex structures inside can now be adapted to allow for super flexible interior layouts. The new Neo 400+ is a prime example!

This week hearts fluttered as images of the new Neo Yachts and Composites Neo 400+ were spread all over the internet. Of course most articles showed the sexy exterior, with full length windows and stunning bow curves, but it was the inside that made us look twice - where's the bulkhead?!

Step on board any yacht, and you would be nearly certain to find the same layout. You know it; two bunks aft of the stairs flanking the engine, a galley on the left or right of the stairs. Nav table opposite the galley. Lounge and table behind the bulkhead. Toilet/shower in front of the bulkhead and mast, then up front is a sail locker or double bed. Boats have been designed that way for YEARS. But what if the need for a tiny little door in the bulkhead was no longer?

Check out the Neo 400+ . It's changing the game when it comes to interior layouts with the lounges and table right up in the bow, full length flooring down either side of the keel box and pivoting bunks down the back. There's also a retractable rudder (because it's super high aspect) and retractable keel.