Unidentified Foiling Object coming to Australia!

The award winning foiling UFO is coming to Australia. Eighteen brand new UFOs, recently crowned Sail Magazine's 2018 Best Performance boat under 30 feet , will soon be on their way to Sydney, where new distribution company Mareor Marine in Brookvale will be selling them direct to anybody who wants to go foiling.

The 3.3m long UFO has been designed to allow everybody who can sail to start foiling. No need to be a top athlete or a pain junkee, this little cat is easy to sail. First it sails like a normal beach cat in displacement mode and as such it provides a stable platform at rest and at low speeds. But once the wind picks up to 8 knots or above, the foils lift the hulls out of the water and the fun - and the speed - begins! The recorded top speed so far is 22 knots. The UFO can accommodate one adult, or one adult plus one child/teen. So perfect for teaching the kids to sail and foil. The sail and foils are very similar to a Moth, but unlike a Moth, the UFO has gentle manners. It 'crashes' gently and has no stays or shrouds in the way of the sailor to hurt themselves on when crashing off the foils. In fact, the crashes are so gentle, you most likely keep sailing, momentarily touching down into displacement mode and then picking up on the foils again. Such a stable foiling platform means less swimming, more foiling!

Dave Clark and Steve Clark from Fulcrum Speedworks in Bristol, Rhode Island, and famous in Australia for their winning ventures in the International Canoe class, designed the UFO to retail below USD $8000, which translates directly into an AUD price of $12,999 incl Freight/GST, which makes it the cheapest foiling sailboat for sale in Australia.

The rigging is top-notch, with a North Sails sail, carbon mast, carbon boom and carbon tiller and modern soft shackles and purchase systems everywhere. The hull is made with state-of-the-art vacuum infused composites and is one-piece, so after stepping the mast, inserting the rudder and main foils and raising the sail, there is nothing else to do other than rolling her down the beach and start sailing.

The UFO weighs 33 kilos hull-only and 50 kilos fully rigged, so it it can be car-topped, and handled easily by one person. The UFO comes with beach wheels and an optional Dunbier trailer which can carry one, two or three UFO. Get yourself a foiling fleet for the family or the club!

Mareor Marine is taking orders now for the first 18 UFO to reach Australia, expected to arrive in February. See www.foilingUFO.com.au