Aussie Designer Starts Bespoke Windsurfing Brand - Atomic

Down in Melbourne, one designer has been thinking about designing windsurfing boards for a long, long time. Since the 80's he's been in love with the sport of windsurfing, and sailing since he was a child. By day, he's a designer in the automotive industry, shaping the body lines of new cars that share an uncanny resemblance to a perfectly rigged mast curve, or the arc of a bead of spray from a board skittering down a speed run at over 40 knots. Windsurfing is in his blood, and by night, he's the designer behind the brand Atomic Windsurf.

For the last 10 years Martin Love has been shaping boards. He's send designs to the best in the world, and had his creations come back in real life. They've sailed fast. Turned hard. Cruised like a hot knife through butter; and now he's ready to share a few with the windsurfing community.

These boards are made to order. There's not many. They take time to be made. They'll have your name on them (if you want) and most importantly, they're a labor of love. Both Martin and the shapers at Carbon Art will put their heart and soul into making that board for you, and that's what makes the project so cool!

Martin's designed a series of shapes to cater for both freeriders and speed aficionados, like our personal favourite the 'Masterblaster'. It's made for those sailors who love to sail fast, but don't have access to flat water. There will be two sizes, a 59 and 66 wide, which will begin prototyping in 2018.

If you want a board right now, good news! There's boards arriving in Australia for the select few who've chosen to buy a board like Weapon GPS/Slalom, and Fusion. You can read more about those two models (and see some pictures) on the Atomic website, right here.