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Speed Loop again... but this time it's for real :) !

Created by Manuel7 > 9 months ago, 8 Jun 2017
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1 May 2018 7:08AM
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Manuel7 said..
I've been stuck and might have found out why. You guys were right!

It's only taken you 10 months and 151 posts to work that out!?

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1 May 2018 10:05PM
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Well, it took me getting mildly hurt and brain freeze on a few attempts to realize it!

I am not (ever?) bailing on port, very often on starboard (favorable jump but not for forwards). Curiously, I've always been more upright on port than starboard.

Perfect ramps were hiding an underlying problem, I shouldn't need them at this stage.

So now I'm trying them off of nothing really, just stomping hard on the back of the board trying to stay upright, front leg up, and keeping the rig up and forward at the same time with front arm straight.

Yesterday I had two good attempts. One where the position at the pop was very good and another where the tucking in was good. When this happens my body likes and gets more confident.


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"Speed Loop again... but this time it's for real :) !" started by Manuel7