One dead. Two rescued. Sydney Rock Fishing Tragedy.

Rock Fishing is the most dangerous passtime in Australia.

With the solid swell rolling down the Eastern coast this week, rock fishing conditions were treacherous, and some chose to ignore the mandatory requirement to wear life jackets while fishing, with disastrous consequences.

The NSW state Government introduced a 12 month trial starting in December 2016, which made it compulsory to wear a life jacket while rock fishing, or if you're helping anyone rock fishing in the Ranwick Shire area. One of the most popular locations for rock fishing in Australia, it's also one of the most dangerous, contributing to the reputation of Rock fishing being the most dangerous pastime in Australia.

This week, three anglers were washed from rocks in Manly, two were wearing a life jacket. Those two were taken to hospital for minor cuts and checkups. The other man, who was not wearing a life jacket, was not taken to hospital… He was pulled from the water unconscious, and could not be revived.

Take care if you're out there fishing, always wear a life jacket, and look out for your mates.