Starboard launch their 2019 Race Board range

Starboard's 2019 race range is faster and again more stable, breaking new boundaries in our sport. After an exhausting hunt for the highest-performance and more environmentally-friendly materials, the new designs are tested by our multiple World Champions; Connor Baxter, Michael Booth, The Hasulyo Brothers, Fiona Wylde and Sonni Hoenscheid. Only the best shapes survive and go to production to yet again produce more titles in 2019. We have been leading the SUP Racer World Ranking every day, 5 years straight, with all riders using stock production boards. For every board sold, we are picking up plastic equivalent to 200 plastic bags from our coastlines. We also plant one mangrove for each board sold, absorbing one ton of CO2 over the next 20 years. Live a deep blue life and paddle for the planet with us.


One board, all conditions. Be an all-star at every race. High-performance race shapes designed by world-class athletes.

  • From progressive level riders to elite racers. The All Star is the world's most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design.
  • The updated bottom shape is more stable when switching between strokes, allowing you to maintain a smooth and balanced glide without disrupting the speed.
  • Narrower tail outline offers faster acceleration and gives you more glide with every stroke.
  • The Flatter tail makes turning easier and gives a smooth release.
  • The Boxy tail lets the waves push the board forwards on downwind courses.
  • 14'0''x22.5'' & 12'6''x23'' All Star remain the lower-volume models with a thinner overall profile and the narrowest width for lighter riders.
  • Target rider: Riders up to 115 kg.
  • Key features: Boxy rails. Fast center channel, flatter tail concave, stable side planes.
  • Conditions: All.


Meet our fastest board. Instant acceleration, amazing top end speed. The ultimate speedster for flat water and chop.

  • The all-new 2019 Sprint - instant acceleration, direct turning and controlled stability.
  • A refined bottom shape with a straighter channel, flatter side planes has a faster and more stable glide.
  • The new extended standing area with straighter tail angle makes for more controlled trimming and buoy turning.
  • Flat-rocker extends the glide for fastest speed, while the sunken standing area with high side rails gives stability and control in chop.
  • Carbon Sandwich. Only available in the lightest, fastest and strongest Carbon Sandwich Technology.
  • Target rider: Riders up to 115kg.
  • Key features: Boxy rails. Fast center channel, flatter tail concave, stable side planes, sunken standing area, flat rocker.
  • Conditions: Flat-water to small chop.

The 2019 Sprint is hands down the fastest race board we have ever produced. Refinements in the standing area increase the overall comfort and control, while the improvements in bottom shape upgrade the overall stability and speed.


When there's chop, you need pop. The downwind game-changer for choppy water and open-ocean conditions.


  • Narrower nose outline for less resistance and better glide through waves.
  • Refined nose design and rail height allows more pop and stability in chop.
  • Lowered nose rocker and raised tail kick helps the swell push the board into bumps earlier and gives greater maneuverability when surfing on the tail.
  • Widened inside tail gives more room for greater control and comfort when surfing and in buoy turns.
  • High sidewalls block water entering the tray, offers increased pop & secondary stability, and greater control surfing on rail. New rounded rail edge in the sunken standing area makes for a friendlier entry getting into the board.
  • Target rider: Riders up to 100kg.
  • Key features: NASA outline with full nose and narrow tail, sunken standing area, high volume nose, curved rocker.
  • Conditions: Open ocean, upwind and downwind races.