1029 waves an hour - 'The Cove' is Coming to a City Near You

Shaped like a Baseball Diamond and pumping out some serious waves: The Cove.
Never mind Kelly Slaters Waves, they’re too perfect. We want the unpredictability of the ocean for Olympic surfing!

Spanish designed Wave pools called ‘The Cove’ are coming to Australia according to the Olympic Surf Coach Andy King this week, which will pave the way for permanent inclusion in the Olympic Games.

Capable of pumping out 1029 waves per hour with a range of waves from closeouts to peeling left handers, ‘The Cove’ has the tick of approval from Pro Surfers Julian Wilson, Ryan Callighan and Josh Kerr.

Most exciting, is the plans to install one in Melbourne by the end of 2017, and another in Sydney in time to train for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. That’s a lofty goal, but great news for surfing if you live in the CBD. Better news for Perth locals, a third is planned in Melville!