'Big Wednesday' at Nazare - Monster Waves and Crazy Antics!

Last week was a big one over in Portugal, as a massive storm off the coast pushed a solid swell into the Nazare channel. Surfers bought up every available ticket on the airlines to ride it, and few were disappointed!

While it wasn't the biggest swell ever, or the cleanest, or the busiest lineup. Any decent big wave surfing day at Nazare is worth a watch, because some interesting things happened last week which were waaaaaaay out of the norm.

You might have seen the pics of Jesse Richman kitesurfing on the monster waves over in the kitesurfing news ; where his kite is seriously dwarfed by the size of the waves. He's released a few more pics since then, and each seems crazier than the next. Nazare rarely gets enough wind in the right direction to make it possible to kitesurf!

Those giant inflatable SUPS are everywhere right now, you know; the ones where 6 people can all stand up on it and paddle around, or surf a wave and all end up on top of each other? They're the new age surf mats, and last week a bunch of blokes had a brainwave. Why not take something designed for tiny tiny waves and flat water, and take it out at Nazare! These guys get towed in by a jetski and do a great job of holding on all the way to the beach. It's a rough ride, but it looks like a lot of fun.

In among all the shenanigans, there were plenty of surfers scoring great rides off tow-ins, a couple of barrels, some savage wipeouts, a few broken boards and a little blood. It's all in the name of a great day at Nazare though, and the good vibes were flowing. Check out this highlights reel shot from a drone above the action, including glimpses of the giant sup and kitesurfing.