Don't ask your shaper to make you a dud!

Shaping a surfboard has been likened by many to an artist painting a beautiful picture. They're not all the same, some people might like what another hates, and at the end of the day - it's a labour of love. Nobodies getting rich by shaping surfboards.

But when it comes to sitting down with your local shaper to have a new board crafted from a square block of foam, many a surfer falls into the trap of ordering the wrong board. Here's 4 things to do, when ordering a custom surfboard.

1: Don't let your ego shape your board. You can't surf like John John. Nobody in the world can surf like John John. So don't take notes from his surfboard and have a replica crafted. Be realistic about your ability, and tell your shaper about it. Be proud that you have room to grow with your surfing ability, and let your shaper help with a board that works.

2: Ask for your shapers advice. They know your local, they know what others surfers have liked surfing your local, and they've been to this rodeo a few times before. Give your input, but be a good listener too. You never know, your shaper might actually know what he's talking about?

3: You will never re-make 'that' board. No matter how good it was, chances are no shaper will ever be able to make another one. Not because they can't. Because your perception of that board is probably changes. It wasn't that good, and your next board is probably better. So let it go!

4: A durable board might not be a performer. Be bold, and understand that boards aren't made to last for ever. The extra layer of glass you ask for, might completely change the way it surfs. So accept that you're going to ding it on your first session. Trust the shaper. Enjoy your board.