Yachting World's Top "New Gear of the Year"

Finding beautiful places to anchor and spend sunny lazy afternoons is one of the best parts of leisurely Sailing. Having the kids jumping off the sides whilst you and your partner sip on Ros? is nothing but perfect. Yachting World suggest a piece of gear that steps this perfect day up a notch; inflatable paddleboards. The image of a banana shaped lilo may have just sprung to mind, but technologies within this field have seriously advanced over the past few years and are a game changer to a cruising sailor.

Yachting World have suggested the Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride should be at the top of your "hit list of fun gear to help maximise your time afloat and at anchor." With Red Paddle Co's patented MSL, Monocoque Structural Laminate, technology their boards are considerably stiffer and more light weight than what you might expect. They come with a handy bag , which can be a wheelie or a rucksack. Additionally their specially designed twin chamber pump, The Titan , makes inflating time only 5 minutes…less pumping, more paddling! Everything packs down, including the paddle, into the bag making it easy to store away when not in use. However, once that board is inflated it is highly unlikely the kids will let you deflate and store away!

"I cannot rate this product highly enough"

Yachting World rated the Ride 10'6" five stars but not just for it's technology and easiness to inflate. The whole concept of having an inflatable on a boat marry so well. Many have begun to use their SUPs as tenders as they can take more than one person, provisions and the invaluable eski! They are perfect for families, fishing, exercise or even to find that special 10 minutes peace.

Red Paddle Co have ambassadors across the globe sailing with inflatable SUPs on board. They recently had a couple sail around French Polynesia with two. Jess and Nick from Voyage of Te Mana loved having the boards as a tool for further exploring. Sailing to Roam are a family of five who had enough of the 9-5 lifestyle and decided to cruise Caribbean Islands instead. They love how their 10'6" Ride can bring the whole family together whilst also being a handy tender!

With the Sydney International Boat Show being this weekend it is the perfect opportunity for you to pick up Yachting World's top "New Gear 2018" product. Red Paddle Co will be at stand 707 from Thursday through to Monday. This is your chance to grab "the best tender toy you've never had!"