10 reasons to train as a SUP Instructor?



1) Travel

It allows you to travel. Follow the summer sun from one hemisphere to the other. Delivering SUP lessons is often seasonal and so you can go anywhere and work with the correct qualifications.

2) Office outdoors
Not keen on being stuck in an office for 8 hours a day? A SUP instructor gets
to be outdoors in nature every day. What could be better?

3) Health and fitness
Working as a SUP instructor means you are using your body
daily to workout, stay healthy and get paid!

4) Wellbeing
Working in nature gives you a greater work/life balance and
wellbeing. You get to see amazing wildlife, seals, dolphins, birdlife,
beautiful sunsets and amazing locations.

5) On the water
Research has shown that being near or on the water increases
our feel-good factor through the negative ions. Negative
ions are most prevalent in natural places and around moving water. Negative
ions increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity. They are often
described as a natural anti-depressant.

6) Work with people
We are social animals. Working with people, teaching them new skills, allowing
them to discover the benefits of SUP and have great fun is a wonderful way to

7) Meet interesting people
One of the joys of being a SUP instructor is you get to meet people from all
walks of life. You will meet and make great friends along the way that you
wouldn’t otherwise meet in an ordinary desk job.

8) Different locations

You can be a paddleboard instructor virtually anywhere there is water.
So, whether it’s on a lake, lagoon, river, estuary, reservoir, canal or on the

sea, there’s a good chance that wherever you live you will be able to teach
paddle boarding somewhere nearby.

9) Different disciplines
SUP Yoga, SUP tours, SUP fitness, SUP Surfing, Downwinding, flatwater paddling,
openwater paddling, SUP racing you name it. SUP is so versatile – you will never
get bored doing this as a career.

10) Take SUP tours
You don’t need to stay in one location. Once trained up you
can take people on SUP tours, a great way to see the landscape change along the
coast or follow a river from source to sea. A fabulous way to travel and stop
off for lunch to explore new places.


Paul Byrne is an Academy of Surfing SUP Instructor. He says:
“Becoming a Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor has been the best job move I ever
made. I saw the health and fitness benefits that could be gained from SUP -
offering a great way to train, being outside, on the water getting fit and
getting paid at the same time. It’s allowed me to travel the world, working and
doing what I love, being outdoors, travelling and meeting great people along
the way. It’s just the perfect job!”

So, there are 10 reasons to train to teach SUP.
What other reason do you need? Get yourself on a course and follow your dreams!

ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors), is the worldwide
peak body for Instructors and Coaches in the outdoor recreation and sport
industry for surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding.


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