Going Fishing with Dad - Nothing better!

Tatum Monod is one of the worlds best free skiiers, but when she was forced to take a season off due to injury, she turned to fishing with her dad. And she says there's nothing better.

Called 'The Line', adventure clothing company the North Face have just released a sweet short film about Tatum and her dad. Talking about the experiences they seek together, their connection through skiing and the lessons that fly fishing provides, it's a great look into what the sport can do for father/daughter combos if given the chance.

"The last season was a learning experience for me. Big time. I ended up having to call my season early, I put my skis away for the winter and I was in tears." Explained Tatum. A lot of people don't see fishing as an intense, or exciting or riveting thing; but to us, catching fish is as exciting a skiing a big line, or the best powder day."

Expertly filmed, a story beautifully told, this is a short film about fishing with family, and it's worth watching.